Employment Application

Skills Testing: Lifeguard in-water skills test, first aid skills test, and CPR skills test will be required for all lifeguard applicants prior to employment regardless of certification.

Requirements: Entrance into lifeguard class requires you to swim 500 yards using freestyle, and breaststroke, and swim twenty yards, then recover a 10 lb weight from deep water, and return to your starting point while holding the weight with both hands.

Related Work Experience (last two years)
All Applicants Must Read and Agree to the Terms. I certify that such statements are true and understand that misrepresentation or omission of facts called for in this application may be cause for termination of employment without notice.

I understand that work references may be contacted for verification of employment. I understand that evaluations of job performance will occur and will affect continued employment. If employed, I grant Grand Paradise Waterpark and its tenants, affiliates, and assigns, the right to photograph and use my likeness for advertising, job performance, or publicity purposes.

I freely and voluntarily agree to submit to a urinalysis (drug screening) as part of my application for employment. I understand that either refusal to submit to this urinalysis screen or failure to qualify according to the minimum standards established by Grand Paradise Waterpark for this screen shall disqualify me for further consideration for employment. I further understand that upon commencement of employment with Grand Paradise Waterpark, I shall again be required to submit to urinalysis screen. I understand that refusal to take a requested urinalysis screen or failure to meet the minimum standards set for the screen shall result in immediate suspension or discharge and loss of worker's compensation, medical and immunity benefits.

I am also aware that upon employment, a background check of my criminal records shall be performed. Failure to note any and all felony convictions on my application may result in immediate termination. Further, I understand that my employment is "at will" and can be terminated at any time by either party for any reason or for no reason.

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