Free Fall

FreeFALL drops riders over a series of breathtaking vertical drops at speeds of more than 40 feet per second with zero-g sensations.

Aqua Twist

The world’s best looping speed slide with an 80 degree gradient drop with a dispatch rate of 20 seconds. The highest capacity looping speed slide on the market, AquaTwist entertains thrill-seekers with a sheer drop and a perfect, glued-to-the-wall circle.

The Water Fort

Tipping buckets, water curtains, wheels-a-turning, slides-a-slippin’ and many more maneuvers!!! We’re ready! Are you?

Waddleland Splashpad

This area is designed for the little ones, they can splash under the watchful eye of parents.

Wipe Out

You’ll climb high into the entrance…load into position, then you’re off! Shoot down a tube as you drop into the blow….around and around you go, picking up speed until SPLASH…you made it!

Tropical Splash

You’ll descend down the “Ultimate Fun” slide. Splashing, twisting and careening at speeds up to 30 mph.

Grand Falls Racer

You’re 4 stories above the park, getting ready to have the race of your life. You’re lying down, the guard tells you to get ready, get set and go!! It’s a race to the bottom!

Blue Typhoon

Thrilling, unbelievable, Totally Awesome Fun….an enclosed tube starts 3 stories above the park and propels you twisting and turning through darkness….don’t be scared!

Grand Paradise Pool

Slides open for all ages for swimming and wading water umbrella feature.

Paradise River

Enjoy a nice relaxing float on tubes down the Paradise Lazy River. Drift gently along while enjoying the sun and cool water.

The Palms

Have your birthday party, family or class reunion, church or corporate outing in our Grand facility. Catering is available upon request. Hurry because dates book up fast!

Tropical Treasures

You’ll find all your tropical necessities at Tropical Treasures. From sunshades, t-shirts, flip flops to beach towels. Stop by and check us out.


Reserve one of our many cabanas for Sun Sensitive Fun ½ day and full day rentals available 

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